NAKSAN Plastic and Energy SA

Naksan Plastic, which began to serve as a producer in the plastic packaging sector in 1979, continues its productions on a 400, 000 square meter area. Naksan Plastic, which is the pioneer of the sector as the provider of agriculture, industry and service sectors, is one of the leading companies in the sector in terms of product range.

Naksan Plastic, which has the Middle East’s and Europe’s largest facilities with over 280, 000 tons of annual production, is a global firm with over 3000 employees and strong financial structure.

Naksan Plastic, which is the most important supplier of many domestic and international companies, has organized its operations in a manner that supplies excellent after sales services. Naksan Plastic, which is one of the top 500 companies in Turkey since 1995, ranked 90th in 2014. According ISO data, Naksan Plastic is the supplier of 300 companies on the Top 500 Companies list.

Naksan Plastic, which always aims for the best quality and researches the development in the sector systematically and brings all the innovations to its customers, is a global brand with its exports to 140 countries. Naksan Plastic continues to work with determination and stability with the responsibility brought on by its position in the sector.